Why not join our club and see for yourself how you can achieve things you thought impossible.

Full Membership This option provides you with member to member insurance and allows you to train and grade in any of the Anglo Japanese Bujutsu Clubs at a discounted  rate

Life Membership as above but for life.

Associate Membership This option will provide you with member to member insurance and allows you to come along and train at any of the Dojo's at the discounted rate but the time that you put in will not go toward your grading with the A.J.B.A.

Bujutsu: The Martial Arts

Bujutsu is the collective term for the practical fighting systems of Japan. The principle aim of these arts is to develop practical fighting skills in their practitioners. Unlike the Budo, these systems are not concerned primarily with any form of spiritual development but are concerned with pragmatic effectiveness.

The only real difference between the classical and modern alternatives are that the weapons and circumstances studied have adapted to fit with modern circumstances.
Here at the Anglo Japanese Bujutsu Association we have no quick fixes to make anyone a great martial artist overnight but with time and hard work we can teach you all there is to know about REAL martial arts, The training as you progress can be hard but then anything worth knowing would not be easy. We cut through all the so called "mystical" nonsense and after time your mind will be sharp enough to know that there is nothing mystical or magical in martial arts, it is only that well trained martial artists appear to do the impossible.
Many martial arts clubs out there train all students the same way and what happens is that you end up with clubs full of students of a particular build, for instance stocky strong people staying with a Judo club where as slim flexible students staying with high kicking arts
Each student within The Anglo Japanese Bujutsu Association is coached according to their build and ability and their mental aptitude, after all you wouldn't give a loaded revolver to someone who is unstable (would you?).