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Hayes Bujutsu Club

Hayes Rugby Club, Kingshill Avenue, Hayes Middx.

Monday and Wed nights 8 - 9:30pm




  The Dojo in Hayes has the benefit of being semi permanent in so far as the mats which are laid out wall to wall are out from Mon to Fri and only get put away if there is a function on in the hall. In addition to the use of the Mats we  also have use of the showers, sauna, weights area and bar.
     The Style taught here by Tony Johnson at the Hayes Bujutsu Club is Anglo Japanese Bujutsu with a heavy emphasis on self defence and ground work techniques. We also teach Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu and traditional Japanese weapons
      From Kingshill Avenue you will see a Yellow Height Barrier that appears to lead into a car park, Drive under the barrier and you will see the Dojo on the right hand side, with the entrance at the far right hand corner of the car park.
     Members 40.00 per month in advance  : Non Members  10.00 per session.
      Membership allows us to hold your details on record and keep you up to date with events, courses etc./font>
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